Pay per click (PPC) is a form of internet advertising where advertisers pay for each click ads receive, it is an efficient and effective way to reach a specific target. Our team understands the goals of each business and ensures the appropriate audience reach for each client.

My Competitors? Who are those?

Before each campaign is implemented, we analyze brands and their competitors to bring forward the best practices for each industry.

Market Research: Analysis of Trade

We thoroughly investigate each project to plan a campaign that will reach and surpass its goals. We seek information about the approximate costs of each PPC keyword and gather the best sites to advertise each service or product. Each campaign is targeted to a specific geographical place at specific hours of a certain day with defined device preferences.

The Best Way to Attract Customers: Landing Pages

An advertising campaign can bring potential customers to your site, however, landing pages transforms them into costumers. We find the best landings for each campaign, either a contact form or a shopping cart to ensure every visit is a lead achieved.

Analytics: The Key to Optimizing

Google Analytics is included on your website to monitor the performance of each page and obtain statistics that will measure the effectiveness of each campaing. This information keeps us updated on the site performance and how well is the ROI being achieved.