About Us

Mobile Applications & Games

While it is necessary to have a responsive web, nowadays, a fully functional mobile application can attract many young customers accustomed to new technologies.

Web Design & Development

From a simple corporate website to a complex online system, our specialists can handle any development.

Creative Services

We handle all kinds of creative work, whether designing a logo, a website, or creating text for a site. If you need creativity, Mintec is the answer.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

One of the best ways to break into the digital world is to be included in the results of the major search engines. That's why we have a specialist SEM team that will attract only relevant traffic to your website.

E-Commerce Websites

It's almost unthinkable for a retail site to not have an e-commerce section to enable the purchase process. We focus on usability and efficiency so that customers are satisfied and can shop quickly and easily.

Pay Per Click

We have extensive knowledge of PPC to conduct advertising campaigns that will be responsible for attracting a lot of relevant traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize each site so that your content is attractive not only to customers, but also to search engines, because it is essential for the growth of any brand the result that the web search engines shed.

Lead Generation

We analyze your product and your target, to establish the best web advertising strategy to generate visible results that translate into leads.

Remarketing / Retargeting

We do all kinds of campaigns, including retargeting or remarketing. In any web site that your potential customers are, they will see your ads, and probably will go back to your web and end up buying the product that lead them there first.

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to LinkedIn, we have a team of community managers that will be responsible for developing the best social strategy for your business.


We take care not only of advertising, and the content creation, but also we generate brand awareness, a unique and particular style that will make you highlight among your competitors.

Landing Pages

We design specific landing pages for each campaign or action, always keeping in mind the audience that is targeted and the results that want to be obtained.

We have managed to build an excellent team of professionals with values ​​and principles that lead us to the best results in each project.

Our knowledge, our passion and our love for our work stands out from the rest.

We know it takes not only talent, but commitment, dedication, expertise and willingness to conduct a comprehensive marketing plan successfully.

We see each new project as a new challenge that will make us grow even more.

That the most important thing in achieving this success is to listen to customer needs, understand them and make them our own.

...And we KNOW we can!


Our mission is to take our clients to the top, building a digital marketing strategy that will result in substantial improvements in performance. Our agency is made up of people looking for excellence that understand the problems and goals of others, and take them as personal challenges.

  • As mentioned in "Our credo" our own fundamental principle is to take in the needs of each client as our own. Thus, we always put our best in every project we undertake.
  • We are a collaborative team, we listen and help each other to improve every day. A company of leaders who have free rein to think and grow freely.